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Next Generation Sequencing and Bioinformatics


  1. FREE next generation sequencing: email us to investigate!
  2. We try to beat any price quote! Lowest prices on sequencing (we try). Scientists and researchers helping other scientists and researchers.

  3. Low prices on Amplicon sequencing 16s, ITS, functional genes, 18s, 23s
  1. ***300bp 515F bacterial+ archaea with 15-20,000 reads/assay for $60/assay (any size project)
    ***2x300bp PE diversity assays starting at $60/assay for large projects, $70/assay medium, $80/sample small.
    ***454 pyrosequencing 1x400bp diversity assays any size project starting at $90/assay for 3,000 nominal reads (any sized project)
    ***454 pyrosequencing 1x400bp diversity assays any size project starting at $160/assay for 10,000 nominal reads

  2. Low prices on Genomes

    ***Rapid small Genomes and small metagenomes starting 10 genomes $5000 including free assembly and annotation >40x coverage

  3. **Communal Genomes or Metagenome:  Our new program provides $300 bacterial genomes and metagenomes.. this program gives roughly 10-20 million paired sequences per sample.. note the turnaround for these vary from a few weeks to a few months so do not put samples on this program that you are in a hurry to have sequenced ;-)

Molecular Research LP (MR DNA) is your next generation sequencing and bioinformatics service provider and collaborator. We specialize in 454 pyroseqencing , Ion Torrent PGM sequencing, Ion Torrent Proton sequencing and Illumina sequencing. We have additional support for genotyping, biostatistics, bioinformatics, 16s rrna sequencing, metagenomes, microbiota, transcriptomes, and more. We strive to work with our friends, colleagues and collaborators to provide the best sequencing service at an affordable cost. Pyrosequencing services, Ion Torrent and Ion Proton sequencing services including metagenomics, microbial diversity, 16s rrna, functional and custom gene amplicon pyrosequencing, RNA-seq, genome sequencing, metagenomes, transcriptomes. We are first a research laboratory specializing in next generation sequencing technologies and bioinformatics. Thus we seek to provide our customers with fast, efficient but most imporantly economical sequencing. We can also handle rush orders.

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Molecular Methods


Primer design, next generation workflows, bioinformatics pipelines, from beginning to successful completion and validation, our team is here to bring your idea to reality on time and on schedule.

We are here to help!

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Setting up a bioinformations pipeline for your lab? Developing a new sequencing method for phylogenetics and systematics? Creating new detection assays for ciliate protozoans? We are here to help you!

Just contact our friendly knowledgable team.

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Programs & Projects

  • Microbiome ResearchMicrobiome Research
    16S rRNA pyrosequencing service, microbiome, metagenome, transcriptomes, genomes, bioinformatics, small RNA, Illumina, Ion Torrent, 454 pyrosequencing service. pricing for sequencing services. Inexpensive methods to evaluate microbial diversity using barcoded approach similar to that described originally by Hamady et al and McKenna et al. February and March 2008. Genome sequencing, metagenomes, microbiomes, transcriptomes, SNP, AFLP pyrosequencing, Illumina, Ion Torrent and more!
  • Molecular Method Molecular Method Development
    We have 20 years of continuous experience developing novel molecular assays, bioinformatics tools. We are currently developing next next generation assays in collaboration with our partners.
  • Magna Consulting

    We offer consulting for almost any type of molecular or bioinformatic needs. Whether you just want to know how many biological replications you might need for your 454 microbial diversity study, or you need assistance with setup of your own bioinformatics pipelines, we can help. Just contact our friendly knowledgable team.

  • Bioinformatics Services

    Over 15 years of applied bioinformatics experience.

    Do not waste your time and money we can help you with any type of project. From full support to just helping you get that small edge on your competition. We are fast, efficient and therefore always economical.

    Full support for you microbiome, metagenome, metatranscriptome, RNA-seq, DNA-seq, genome assembly, genome annotation, genome comparison, reassembly, resequencaing, 16s pyrosequencing, microarray and more.

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