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MRDNA 16s Bioinformatics Service

MR DNA is a full service end to end bioinformatics service provider.


From software development to simple data manipulation services.


It is very easy to define the advantages of working with MR DNA. With any sequencing project we will provide you data analysis or help to facilitate your analysis. By staying current with the literature, we are able to ensure the utilization of industry and scientific standards. We believe that you’ll agree, our publication record speaks for itself. With knowledge, experience, and speed, it is less expensive to work with us.


Fast efficient service


It is more economical to get help than to delay your project results.




Members of our team with 20 years of continuous (not combined) applied bioinformatics experience.


Software development


Not only do we produce free to use software application for the research community but we can also help you with building your very own software for custom analysis. Why go with some big firm when we can do the same thing at a fraction of the time and expense.


Names you are familiar with


Our team is led by Dr Scot E Dowd, a name that the scientific community has come to know and trust for being a friend, colleague, and collaborator.



Advanced Bioinformatics Support.

don't see what you need? Just contact us for help, we do it all!

Microbiome Pipeline

Based upon the latest analysis pipelines we provide free analysis for your microbiota sequencing projects. Contact Us for More Info



Any type of gene annotation. Members of our team have been in the forefront of annotation and functional annotation since the early days. Contact Us for More Info


Genome Assembly

We have a variety of commercially available and proprietary methods and algorithms to ensure reliable assembly of your genome provided free with sequencing projects. Contact Us for More Info



Of course, we can also help with your RNA-seq projects. Contact Us for More Info


Metagenome Analysis

Of course, we help you with free analysis of any metagenome sequencing project. Contact Us for More Info


Custom Bioinformatics

If you have a unique bioinformatics request, we would love to work with you. With the lowest prices and most efficient service, it is truly economical to work with us. You cannot afford to waste time getting to the answers you need. Contact Us for More Info


MRDNA Bacteria Sequencing Contact Number
MRDNA 16s Sequencing Contact Info
MRDNA Bacteria Sequencing Contact Number
MRDNA 16s Sequencing Contact Info

MRDNA 16s Bioinformatics Service

MRDNA 16s Bioinformatics Service