Sequencing Applications

The following are academic and government prices:   Please contact us for commercial projects and pricing.





Sequencing of 16s or other targeted assays for diversity analysis of the microbes or eukaryotes in a sample  (e.g. 16s, 18s, nirS, SSU, fungi, archaea, bacteria)

300bp 515F bacterial, archaeal or fungal diversity PGM assays  For nominal 15-20,000 reads/assay: $60/assay (any size project)
454 pyrosequencing 1x400bp diversity assays  Any size project starting at: $110/assay for 3,000 nominal reads $220/assay for 10,000 nominal reads
2x300bp PE diversity assays For 20,000 nominal reads starting at: $60/assay (larger projects) $70/assay (medium projects) $80/assay (small projects) For projects < 10 samples a $100 library fee is added
Rapid Small Genomes and Small Metagenomes >40x coverage Starting at: $5,000 for 10 genomes including free assembly and annotation

Communal Genomes or Metagenome:


Our new program provides $500 bacterial genomes and metagenomes. This program provides roughly 10 million paired sequences per sample. It is important to note the turnaround for these vary from a few weeks to a few months, therefore this program is only recommended for projects not on a strict deadline.


Microbiome Analyses:


A free comprehensive taxonomic analysis comes with any 16s, ITS, and 18s data (We are also able to provide analyses for several functional genes as well). Included is a full analysis pipeline comprised of denoising, chimera check, low quality sequence cleaning or removal, clustering, otus generation, taxonomic assignment etc.  Our pipeline generates about 12 different analysis files evaluating the taxonomic data at each taxonomic level:  genus, species, family, class, order, and phylum.  Additionally, OTU files are provided with lineage and identity information as well as other statistical values. To aid in navigating all of the analyses and raw data, a readme help file is provided.


For an additional $10/sample (to recover cost only) we perform alpha and beta diversity, rarefaction, unifrac PCoA etc. These analyses are provided raw, but a standard readme help file is provided, making it fairly easy to work through this extensive amount of data.


We also offer advanced analysis and report generation. Similar to a research manuscript, the report will contain methods, biostatistics, figures, tables, legends, results section, and findings overview (if relevant).  The cost for advanced analysis and report generation begins at $500 and may increase depending on the size and complexity of the experiment.  Please detail fully your experimental design and the variable information for your samples to give us the ability to accurately quote these costs.  All report generation and other bioinformatics are billed based upon the time required.  We are fast and always make the cost a great value!


THE FOLLOWING OPTIONS are also available for targeted amplicon sequencing on each of our platforms:











Our analysis tools are mature for 454, PGM and Illumina.  For functional genes some setup costs may be necessary for analysis to create a taxonomic database.