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Shotgun sequencing and de novo assembly of genomes or transcriptomes at MR DNA.


MR DNA has many programs for sequencing DNA and RNA (RNAseq, metagenomes, metatranscriptomes,  eukaryote genomes, prokaryote transcriptomes,  bacterial genomes, virus, phage, plasmid, fosmid etc.


THIS LIST of programs is for small projects and minimum scale sequencing, with only a few samples, but definitely with larger numbers of samples or samples requiring much more data we definitely can help and provide volume and bulk discounting for some of the lowest price fastest turnaround commercial, academic and government rates available anywhere!


here are just a few examples of shotgun sequencing programs but do contact us for customized projects especially if you have more than a few samples or need larger amounts of data .. we are here to work hard and help!



*** Genomes or Metagenome shotgun DNA :

- 2x150bp 10  million paired sequences per sample = $400 (data only)  Illumina NovaSeq

-2x300bp 1-2 million sequences = $600  (data only)  Illumina NovaSeq

 -2x250bp 10 million sequences = $650(data only) Illumina NovaSeq

-2x250bp  4 million sequences = $450 (data only)  Illumina NovaSeq

long read sequencing up to 8000bp (or more) available Pac Bio Sequel!   contact us for custom pricing on any project.


NEW:  gap closure sequencing long read scaffolding for bacteria = $800/sample.. this adds long read data to illumina sequencing data and may result in much fewer contigs during hybrid assembly.



Data assembly with optimization = $150  (for bacterial genomes we also provide free genome annotation giving you genbank files, proteome files, transcriptome files and genome spreadsheets)



***Transcriptome, Metatranscriptome, RNAseq, polyA and shotgun total RNA  :

- 2x150bp 10-20 million paired sequences per sample = $460 (data only)

-2x300bp 1-2 million sequences = $700  (data only)

 -2x250bp 10 million sequences = $710 (data only)

-2x250bp 4 million sequences = $510 (data only)

--- Ribosomal depletion (new lower pricing) if needed for metatranscriptomes or bacterial transcriptomes= $300


BIOINFORMATICS FOR transcriptome or other RNA based projects

usual costs for comparing two groups with RNAseq is $200

usual costs for annotation of a transcriptome with assembly is $200

we have extensive range of bioinformatics services.  just shoot us an email or give us a call of course!


DNA Extraction / RNA Extraction Price:

--DNA Extraction starting at $25 / sample (depending on service requested and sample type submitted)

--RNA Extraction starting between $30 - $70 / sample (depending  on service requested and sample type submitted)


shotgun and denovo sequencing

It is well known that next generation sequencing applications have led to numerous genomic discoveries that would otherwise have been improbable if not impossible. However, the number of genomes that have yet to be discovered is countless. The identity of these novel genomes is elucidated through De Novo Sequencing. Sequencing and assembly of novel genomes is only made possible with sufficient coverage of the genome of interest along with extended read lengths. While NGS has always offered researches deep sequencing capabilities, as the read length capabilities of next generation sequencers steadily increase, not only does De Novo Sequencing become more reliable, but it is also becomes more affordable. Integrating a seasoned laboratory staff with a bioinformatics team that has 20 years of continuous applied bioinformatics experience allows MR DNA to offer its customers a low cost sequencing solution, not only with regards to reference genomes, but novel genomes as well.



MRDNA DeNovo 16s Sequencing

MRDNA DeNovo 16s Sequencing